Reduced electric bills through decreased energy consumption and decreased peak amp loads
As voltage is increased and stabilized, amp loads decrease, reducing your peak demand charge and your energy consumption. Energy previously lost to ground is captured and recycled back through the system, further reducing energy costs. Tests have consistently shown a 16% to 18% reduction in kilowatt usage on commercial applications, while maintaining work output.

Increased equipment life
Electric motors, compressors and lighting deliver maximum performance and efficiency when operating at the optimum voltage for which they were designed. They are able to operate at optimum rpm with reduced heat and without the common voltage spikes and voltage drops. The reduced heat, noise and vibration result in extended equipment life, as heat associated problems are greatly reduced or eliminated.

Reduced maintenance costs
There are no battery, computer or software components in the Power House. As a result of its simplicity, reliability is increased and costs associated with maintaining complex, expensive computer circuitry are eliminated. Maintenance costs associated with replacement of motors, compressors are greatly reduced through increased equipment life. The more efficient conditioned power runs under less strain thus, reducing heat up to 40%.

Increased productivity
Less maintenance means less down time. This translates into increased efficiency of production. Costs associated with replacement of motors, compressors and ballasts are reduced, as well as man hours and overtime through increased equipment life.

Increased lighting system performance
When mounted on lighting panels, the Power House increases lumens/watt in existing lighting systems making work sites brighter, safer and more productive.

Reduced greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere
The PowerHouse lowers the total KWH’s, thereby reducing the volume of greenhouse gases emitted and the amount of water required to produce electricity.

Can be used anywhere
Thermal scanning of the Power House shows no heat signature under rated loads. As a result, The PowerHouse does not require an air-conditioned environment.