Testimonials - Written

Attorney - Allen Richmond

Allan Richmond is an electrical engineer who also happens to be an attorney. Early on, Allan realized just how big an impact the PowerHouse can have on a large segment of the population. Read, see Allan’s comments.

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Summit Surgery Center

Summit Surgical Center is located in Hermitage, TN. Being a surgical center, they cannot afford to have electrical problems or issues. They have been utilizing the PowerHouse since 2012. Read what they have to say about the Powerhouse and what a difference it has made for them.

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Blair Art Center - Bullis School

...The main point I want to make to each of you is that we are on track to save over $8,500 or 10% on this year's electric bill for Blair Arts Center and this will provide a payback or ROI for this investment to come in at 24 months. 

In addition to reducing our bill, the following info details the positive changes that the PowerHouse Energy Saver provides for the variables that comprise our electric system. I have been seeing these changes since the PHES was installed in Blair Arts Center on 10/20/18.

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Heartland Catfish

Innovative Energy Saver partnered with Robinson Electric of Cleveland, Mississippi on June 15, 2019 to install a 650 Switchable Kvar PowerHouse Energy Saver  in an industrial food processing plant whose average yearly KWH usage exceeds 6,000,000.


By data logging the system and determining the existing power factor (0.79), we sized the PowerHouse to correct the power factor to 0.98.

Temple Baptist Church

Temple Baptist Church (TBC), with a membership of 4,000 worshippers, is in Ruston, Louisiana. Wanting to lower their electric bills, the church leaders met with Innovative Energy Saver, and we introduced them to the PowerHouse.

Knowing there was a product that could not only reduce their electric bills but also reduce their repair and maintenance bills while extending equipment life, they made the decision to purchase the PowerHouse Energy Saver System.